Truthfulness: Is it actually important ?

“Stick to the truth, even if the truth kills you.”

– Umar Ibn Khattab (Ra)

How much actually is the truth important in our daily life? Will it be alright even if we keep telling lies which will not hurt anyone? Since the emergence of mankind on earth till now, people continuously kept telling lies and will continue to do it.

Truthfulness can sometimes be hard or easy. But whether a person tells the truth or not, depends on him/her. Telling lies is easier than even drinking water. But what about truth? Is it actually easy as it seems to be?  Truth is basically the reality. And reality is often harsh. So truth can sometimes be easy or hard.

All religions of the world has different beliefs, irrespective of having those beliefs, their moral practices are quite the same. For example, in Islam, truthfulness has been given immense importance. For a person who leads his life by the principles of Islam, speaking the truth always is a must for him. In the Holy Quran, it is said,

“O you who believe! Have fear of God, and be among the truthful.” (9:119)

In Islam, truthfulness is the conformity of the outer with the inner, the action with the intention, the speech with belief and the practice with the preaching. The great sage and scholar of Islam, Ibn Al Qayyim said,

“ Truthfulness is the greatest of stations, from it sprout all the various stations of those traversing to the path of God; and from it sprouts the upright path which if not trodden, perdition is that person’s fate.”

So therefore, we can get an idea that In Islam, truthfulness doesn’t only mean to speak the truth, various other moral aspects are included in it.

So let us think if we do not speak the truth what disadvantages or advantages we may get. Well, it depends on the situation. For example, a businessman promised his client that he would bring his product the next day. So the next day he forgot to bring his product. When his client asked whether he brought the product or not, he told that he searched for the product but, it was out of stock.

From this example we can simply understand that the businessman lied. He could have told he had forgotten. But he didn’t. Maybe he thought that it would be insulting for him to tell the truth or it could be embarrassing.

So from religious point of view, this man is a liar. If he would have been actually honest,  he would have told the truth even if it was insulting for him or not.

Well, are there any benefits of lying? Yes, but in rare cases like one of them is the philosophical dilemma.

Lying actually represents of the fake side of a human being in some cases. Lying can also mislead oneself  to destruction. For example, a person keeps saying the things to his friends which he never does. In this case, this lying won’t bring him any benefit. That’s because if he keeps saying the things which he doesn’t do at all, he’s probably going to end up learning nothing.  There is also a saying ,

“One lie gives birth to hundreds of lies.”

At the end, we may come to a conclusion that telling the truth is very important in aspect of morality and character.

On the other hand, telling lies can sometimes be good but in rare cases.

Written by-

Mohammad Salman Farsi Khan

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